Get to know our new students!

Each class is unique and brings a different perspective to Russell Sage College. We asked the incoming class to share a little bit about themselves in a survey—what they like to do, eat, watch, listen to and more. From their responses, we can see that they already have a lot in common!
WE'RE LISTENING TO: Halsey, Jhené Aiko, Luke Combs
FAVORITE SPORTS TEAMS: Boston Red Sox and NY Yankees (everyone loves the good rivalry), Boston Bruins, NY Giants
HOW WE LIKE TO READ BOOKS: 20% like e-books, 80% like printed books
MOST WANTED SUPERPOWER: Flying · Teleporting · Mind Reading
BINGE-WORTHY SHOWS: Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, The Office
WE MOSTLY WATCH OUR SHOWS ON: 70% surveyed picked Netflix
GUILTY PLEASURE TV: Fiction wins over Reality
OUR FAVORITE ACTORS & ACTRESSES: Will Smith, Anna Kendrick, Leonardo DiCaprio
ROM COM VS. THRILLER: More students enjoy a rom com for movie night versus a thriller.
FAVE PICK ME UPS: 50% prefer iced coffee, 33% prefer iced tea, 17% other iced bev
ICE CREAM FLAVOR: We still love the classics—Vanilla, Chocolate and Cookies and Cream
MUST-SEE MOVIES: Call Me By Your Name, The Greatest Showman, The Dark Knight
CAFFEINE FIX: 50% Dunkin', 40% Starbucks, 10% other
FAVORITE BURRITO JOINT: We choose Moe's over Chipotle.