Accepted Graduate Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to a Russell Sage College graduate program! We look forward to having you join the Sage community. Refer to the links below or contact our Admission Office if you have additional questions regarding your acceptance and next steps for enrollment.


If you are a recently accepted student, you will want to make sure we have received your enrollment deposit* so that we can begin preparing for your arrival.

*Please note: your enrollment deposit is non-refundable.

Financial Aid

If you have not already done so, it is suggested you apply for Financial Aid as soon as possible. Now that you are an accepted student, our Financial Aid Department will work quickly to package you for aid and send an award letter.

Health & Wellness

New students must have a completed Student Immunization Form and Health History Form on file.  Health, counseling and wellness services are available at the Wellness Centers (Troy – Kellas Hall, Lower Level:  518-244-2261; Albany – Kahl Campus Center, Lower Level:  518-292-1917).

Students enrolling in a 100% online program are not required to submit the medical forms.

Congratulations on your acceptance, and we look forward to having you join the Sage community! If you have additional questions regarding your next steps for enrollment contact the Graduate Admission Office at 518-292-8615 or [email protected].

Graduate Assistantships

Sage is committed to an equitable, supportive and professional environment for graduate education. Graduate assistantships and fellowships provide financial support while helping students develop independent judgment, intellectual breadth, professional and personal accountability, and the ability to communicate effectively.

Graduate Assistantships provide tuition waivers and a stipend for working in an academic or administrative office, assisting faculty in research, or, in limited instances, teaching undergraduate classes. For each six-credit tuition waiver plus $2000 stipend, a student works 300 hours over the Fall and Spring semester or teaches two three-credit course equivalents. The course waivers will be paid out when the student has completed their hours for that semester.

There are a limited number of summer assistantships. The summer positions are half positions, the GA must work 150 hours and they receive a 3 credit course waiver and $1,000 stipend.

For more information please contact [email protected].