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At the heart of a Sage’s education is a commitment to educating the whole person. That philosophy is integral to our admission process as well, so we consider all of the merits of our individual applicants when making admissions decisions. With that in mind, we’ve updated our admission policy so that students have an option of submitting their standardized test scores, but they are not required to do so.  Below you will find the answers to frequently asked questions regarding our test optional policy.

Are Sage’s admission standards changing?

No. Sage has always considered a student’s academic record to be the most important part of the application, as it has consistently been the best predictor of future success in college. In addition to the academic record, the admission office also closely reviews the student’s recommendations, personal essay, extra-curricular activities, and other achievements.

Can students who do not submit scores still be considered for merit-based

Yes. All applicants, regardless of whether scores are submitted, will be considered for all available merit based financial aid.

How do I know if I should submit my scores?

If a student believes that the test scores provide further evidence of academic ability, he/she is encouraged to submit those scores. If a student does not feel that the SAT or ACT scores accurately reflect academic performance and/or ability, the student should not submit them.

Do any programs require SAT or ACT scores?

Although Sage no longer requires standardized test scores for admission, students who are applying the programs with links to other institutions (Early Assurance Medical and Physician Assistant programs with Albany Medical College and Six Year Law Program with Albany Law School and Suffolk Law School) must submit scores.

Because the MCAT is required for application to medical schools we encourage students interested in pursuing pre-medical education to take a standardized test whether or not they choose to submit it in their application to Sage. Experience has shown that the results may be useful in advising you later on in your college career.

In addition, international students from non-English speaking countries are still required to submit some evaluative form of proficiency of the English Language (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, or ACT) and home-schooled students who have written evaluations must submit the SAT or ACT.

Students who decide to enroll at Sage as a first year student may be required to completed assessment tests prior to the start of their first semester. This is used to assist in placement only.  This information will be provided by the Office of Academic Advising on each campus.

If I do not submit scores, is anything additional required for my application?

No. We do not require extra materials in lieu of test scores. While an interview is not required, it is highly recommended for all applicants, especially those students who decide not to submit test scores.

What if I submitted my scores before I decided I would like to apply without them?

If a student submits scores, or if the scores appear on the high school transcript and the student prefers to not have the SAT/ACT scores reviewed, the scores will not be considered in the application review process.

How do I let the College know not to review my test scores?

A student can indicate on the Sage’s College Supplement to the Common Application that he/she does not want their test scores considered. If this option is not selected, the Admission Office will use test scores in the evaluation process.

How do I apply to Sage?

You can use Sage’s online application or the Common Application at www.commonapp.org

For additional questions regarding Sage and the college application process, please contact the Admission Office at (518) 244-2217 or (518) 292-1730.

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